09 May What is M?

What is M?

It is whatever you want it to be. During a lucid writing exercise I began to ponder that question and I just let my fingers do the typing, almost unconsciously. Almost.


There is one area which leaves me confused and that is the erotic. Its not that the erotic itself is confusing, rather the politics and intent which causes the largest amount of conflict. The right of the individual VS the greater good. The erotic is the epitome of the conflict of the misogynistic VS the pholiogynistic feelings towards women. The work of Kern, Richardson or indeed Newton  all contain the same type of DNA even if their execution might be different. Compared to projects like “a four chambered heart” or “The Quite Delightful Project” there is also found the same type of DNA in the way that man and a chimp of profoundly the same but different. Both sides of the erotic coin have sex, nudity and the explicit. When added to the overall noise of the internet and when viewed as a collective, there is no difference.


So what is confusing? Can the erotic exist without the commodification of sex and the political hang up that is inherent? We cannot say as a truth that every person on this earth is free from desire, sex, lust, fantasy and the erotic. The Priest, feminist, white working class man. Each one is a human and each one a subject to human experience. What would the erotic look like to a feminist if they were to create an erotic photographic series? What about the white working class man? What would his erotic imagery look like? Yes, your stereotype and prejudice is already working and coming to a conclusion. A white piece of paper VS page 3. But the erotic cannot be denied, we as human beings are sexual creatures and to suppress sexuality is to suppress humanity. So what does it look like? I have no idea. The world is full of conflict, confusion, prejudice and hypocrites. Yes that is you. You carry an in built bias about what is beautiful and right. You can preach to the world the moral failings of man whilst simultaneously tweeting about it on a smart pad. There is an irony here, in the same way that you are reading this a digital photograph from an analogue type writer, or the images scans of 35mm negatives. Sometimes there is no avoiding the irony or hypocrisy of the constructs of humanity. Feminism, philogyny, religion, or the human condition or experience – the erotic. It’s confusing.



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